Campmaster 18.9L Solar Shower |

Campmaster Solar Shower

Save energy with hot water straight from the sun!

This handy solar shower heats water after approximately three hours in direct sunlight and holds up to 18.9 Litres. That's enough hot water for up to 3 showers!

Super handy with so many uses, some of which include; camping (showering or washing off equipment grime after outdoor activities like tramping), washing off sand and salt water from the beach, washing dishes, showering pets at home and more!

Comes with a hanging cord, hose and shower head and reinforced carry handle.

Easy to use:
1. Fill shower bag with water.
2. Place backside up on a flat, stable surface that is exposed to direct sunlight
3. In approximately 3 hours you will be able to enjoy a hot shower


Holds up to 18.9 Litres

Lightweight, non-toxic PVC

Hanging cord

Hose and shower head

Reinforced carry handle

Compact and easy to use

Heats enough water for up to 3 showers

Heats water from the sun in approx 3 hours

Ideal for camping, washing pets and more

Available while stocks last.