Nuzilla ABC Wall Frieze |

Nuzilla ABC Wall Frieze

This alphabet wall frieze is designed for kiwi kids, and features funky artwork of New Zealand icons .

From an educational perspective, these are illustrated with NZ content to make learning the alphabet more engaging and contextual - kids make sense of learning much faster if they can identify and understand the content that they engage in. 'I for igloo' just doesn't work in NZ!

Arrange them around the room, or cluster them together to form a funky shape - these nuzilla cards are a smart way to brighten up a bedroom.

Pop them on the wall using blue-tack, pins or double sided tape.

Colour printed on thick quality 300gm card.
13 Panels with 26 letters (2 letters per panel). 2 extra squares included for making up even wall arrangements.

Available while stocks last.