Baccarat CuisinePro 2 - Utility Knife 12.5cm |

Baccarat CuisinePro 2 – Utility Knife 12.5cm

The CusinePro Knives combine all the superb technical characteristics expected from German steel knives to produce a knife that doesn’t only give an unbelievable cutting performance but it also looks great.

Blades produced with a controlled tempered process to ensure hardness, toughness & flexibility.
Tapered ground blade has been designed to withstand more cutting and slicing through a variety of foods.
Ice hardened to ensure the sharpness of the blade & then tempered to enhance strength.
Rockwell Hardness tested to guarantee the highest level of hardness and tensile strength.
Forged to produce perfect control, weight and balance.
Full tangs are triple riveted to the handles for exceptional durability and control.
Durable polymer handles are contoured for a comfortable grip.
Professional handles assist to hold the hand safely away from the blade to ensure a contoured hold for effortless cutting and slicing.


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