Gravity Electric Salt & Pepper Grinder |

Gravity Electric Salt & Pepper Grinders (2pc)

These nifty numbers will have you in awe.

Not only are they a high quality, great looking salt & pepper grinder set but they incorporate the wonders of science too!

They feature a genius gravity-operated grinding mechanism - simply turn upside down and it will activate itself automatically flavouring your favourite dishes. It stops grinding as soon as you turn it upright again.

If you love freshly ground salt and pepper these smart electric grinders are just for you.

Includes: 2 x Electric Gravity Stainless Steel Grinders.
Approx Size: 22.5(H) x 6cm (W).


- Gravity-operated grinding mechanism - tip it over & it automatically starts grinding. Tip it back upright to stop.
- Adjustable grind control (adjustment knob at top of mill).
- Brushed stainless steel design with transparent acrylic window.
- 6 x AAA batteries required for each mill (not included).

Available while stocks last.