Brian J. Sharkey PhD Fitness & Health - 6th Edition |

Fitness & Health, 6th Edition - Brian J. Sharkey PhD, Steven E. Gaskill PhD

Your complete guide to: Aerobic Fitness, Muscular Fitness, Nutrition & Weight Control.

Discover how to achieve the maximum benefits of physical activity.

This sixth edition of Fitness & Health is your guide to both a deeper understanding of the exercise-health relationship and a map for meeting your individual needs and goals.

The book explains how the body responds to physical activity, why physical activity is so beneficial to health, and the way in which physical activity enhances these areas of fitness.

-Aerobic and muscular fitness.
-Weight control.
-Performance in work and sport.
-Energy and vitality.

Authors Brian Sharkey, former president of the American College of Sports Medicine and world-renowned fitness authority, and Olympic coach Steven Gaskill present a wealth of research-based advice and activities.

They provide information on aerobic fitness and prescription, which emphasises sustained fitness, and incorporate the latest research and nutrition information regarding weight control.

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