Minimondos Large Doll - Mia |

Minimondos Large Doll - Mia

Minimondos soft dolls require nothing but a child’s imagination for them to have fun!

With their distinctive looks, clothes and amusing little personalities, Minimondos soft dolls help to develop creative kids role play sessions and can give a comforting sense of companionship.

These Minimondos dolls are soft and cuddly, and make the perfect bedtime buddy for children.

Mia: Meet Mia, she is a mastermind in the making. With razor sharp wit, she is smart, sassy and streetwise.
Inside that cool exterior though is a living contradiction - aloof one minute and wildly affectionate the next.
Mia is unapologetically bossy, and generously shares her superior organizational skills with her friends.

Height: Stands 40cm (16”) high

Why We Love her: Dolls have the tendency to trigger emotions, and this rings true especially for Minimondos dolls as they have such distinctive looks, clothes and amusing little personalities.

The soft doll can help to develop creative role play sessions and a more real sense of companionship. She is soft and cuddly, and makes a perfect bedtime buddy.

Constructed using the finest materials and techniques, the body of each doll is made with 100% cotton, the clothes are a combination of cotton and polyester fabrics and the dolls are carefully filled with a high quality synthetic fibre.

Care: Surface Wash Only

Safety: As with all Minimondos products theses dolls have all passed or exceeded international toy safety standards specifically the U.S. (ASTMF963), Europe (EN71) and Australia & New Zealand (AS/NZS ISO 8124).

Recommended: for children 3 years and older
Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years.

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