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Purina Comfort Me Large Pooch Pad - Pink/Grey

A snuffle here, a deep breath there... that's how much your dog is going to love this Purina Pooch Pad!

The lush fur fabric and soft filling will make for your pets ultimate relaxation and comfort.

Not only is Purina a well known pet brand but they care about the environment too!

Purina beds are made with eco-friendly materials and with the utmost care. The ultra-plush stuffing for the bed is made from recycled water bottles.

The bottle caps and paper labels are removed and then the bottles are melted down and turned into the fluffy fibre that creates the stuffing.

So not only are you giving your dog a comfy bed of their own, but you are caring for the environment in the process. A Greenies must!

Size: 27 inch x 36 inch
Great colours to choose from
Removable cover for easy washing - zip closure
Extremely plush
Warm and cosy
Bed accommodates large dogs

Filling, cover & backing 100% polyester.

Available while stocks last.