Crayola Motorised Bubble Machine |

Crayola Motorised Bubble Machine

The Crayola Outdoor Coloured Bubbles Machine has an electronic motor that does all of the bubble blowing work for you.

So, fill it up and turn it on for a brilliant blast of coloured bubbles!

Kids love catching coloured bubbles, or watching them burst into random designs.

Comes with a motorised bubble machine, three pouring spouts, three separate bubble solution wells for blasting different colours at once, plus three 118ml bottles of coloured bubbles in two brilliant colours (Fuchsia & Purple Pizzazz) to get the fun started.

It's messy outdoor fun that's easy to clean up!

Remember, wear your Saturday sweats (play clothes), not your Sunday bests!

-Motorised bubble machine
-3 Coloured bubble bottles (3 x 118mls, non-toxic. Colours are Fuchsia & Purple Pizzazz).
-3 Pouring spouts

-Motorised - Turn it on and let the bubbles fly
-9 Wands - Launch a steady stream of bubble fun
-3 Bubble Reservoirs - Fill with different coloured bubbles
-Elevate unit for higher bubbles
-Messy fun, colour rubs off skin

5yrs +
Batteries not included.
Designed for outdoor use.

Available while stocks last.