The Curious Kiwi NZ Road Trip Bingo |

The Curious Kiwi NZ Road Trip Bingo

Spot a mountain, a sheep and a dairy.

This bright and colourful New Zealand Road Trip Bingo Game will keep children entertained while travelling for hours.

A New Zealand take on the traditional bingo game that has been around for many years.

It also includes a bonus map of New Zealand so that you can mark down on the card your starting city and how you’re getting to your destination.

How to play:
- Each player selects one marker and one bingo board from the box.
- Look out the window, find an item pictured on the board, cross it off (mark with an ‘X’), then look for more.
- When you get a complete line either across, or up and down, shout BINGO.
- If you’ve beaten your opponent to BINGO, you win!

Includes: 2 Reusable Bingo Boards (with bonus map on reverse) & 2 Erase Marker Pens.

Ages 3yrs+.
1-2 Players.

Available while stocks last.