Pro Kadima Paddle Game |

Pro Kadima Paddle Game Set

Pro Kadima has been a favourite outdoor game since 1975.

With no net or court necessary, Pro Kadima is ideal for the beach, park, day trips, small backyards, college campuses and other similar locations.

Pro Kadima is a fun and co-operative outdoor game played between two or more people - the more players, the more fun!

The goal of Pro Kadima is not to allow the ball to hit the ground.

Pro Kadima is not an inherently competitive game, but scoring and rules can be imposed if so desired! And we all know how it goes from there!

Despite its simplicity, Pro Kadima can be extreme fun for anyone with enough strength to lift the lightweight paddle.

It is considered an original and classic paddle game.

Set Includes:
2 x Pro Kadima Paddles

Specially constructed rackets and ball for optimal control
Playable almost anywhere
No net, court or other accessories required
Exciting action game for fun, skill and fitness

Ages 5yrs & up.
Racquet colours sent at random.

Available while stocks last.