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Tala Pancake Making Set

Fancy cooking up a batch of perfect pancakes for your weekend breakfast but always seem to have too many pancake related incidents to bother? Worry no more!

Not only does this Tala Pancake Making Set have a fantastic retro style that transforms basic kitchen tools into vintage inspired glamour, it is also perfect for those who struggle to flip pancakes!

Just pour the batter from the non-drip dispenser into the two sided non-stick pan, close the folding lid and flip the entire pan over - easy!

Feel out of ideas for your pancake creations? There's a recipe booklet included to help you on your way.

This set will assist you in creating a pile of pancakes you can be proud of!

Set Includes:
Special two sided non-stick aluminium pancake pan - flip the pan, not the pancake.
Non-drip dispenser - no more messy ladles
Heart shaped ring - for those romantic statements

Key Features:
Double Sided Non-Stick Pancake Pan; just close the pan, and flip it over to cook the perfect pancake. (Pan measures approx 19cm diameter).
Non-Drip Batter Dispenser: press the plunger to release the batter mix.
Heart Shaped Ring: pour batter into the ring whilst in the pan for a special touch to his or her breakfast.
Non-Stick: for easy cleaning and release of cooked pancakes.
Stay Cool Handles
Use on gas or electric cookers.
Recipe booklet.
Dishwasher Safe.

Available while stocks last.