Guide Skates - Black Wheel |

Guide Skates - Black Wheel

Why settle for one board when you can have two!

These Guide Skates are the next generation in board sports. They are super fun to ride, as well as being great for fitness, core strength and balance!

If you're into things like skateboarding, inline skating and snowboarding etc (and even if you're not), Guide Skates provide a similar sort of feeling.

They are like having a mini skate board on each foot allowing you to carve and generate power by weaving your feet in a snake like motion.

It sounds difficult, but with a little practice you will soon develop your skills and technique.

Just remember to be safe and wear protective safety gear at all times!

Features / Benefits
-Loads of fun!
-Sturdy aluminium design.
-Black frosted grip.
-Black wheels.

Approx Dimensions: 
-Board Size: 15.5cm x 13cm x 8.3cm (H).
-Wheels: 70mm x 45mm PU, ABEC-7 bearing.

Suitable for ages 13yrs & older.
Max user weight: 90kg.

Available while stocks last.