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First Years Dishwasher Safe Thermometer Set*

Anyone with kiddies knows they get sick... alot. And of course, like magic, those pesky germs usually spread to the whole family.

I'm sure you have all tried the 'back of the hand' temperature test, but most of the time it really is better to know for sure what you are dealing with and to nip it in the bud before it gets out of control.

With this affordable dishwasher safe thermometer set, you will know whether you are have a simple little cold or a full on household quarantine to deal with!

This Thermometer Set by The Learning Curve is designed to be used from birth upwards and include extra thermometer tips for when your wonderful helpers pass their germs on to the rest of the family.

Set Includes:
-Base thermometer
-3 x Colour coded probe tips
-2 x Dishwasher caps
-Mesh dishwasher bag
-Sturdy carry case
-Instruction guide

-For ages birth and up.
-Temperature readings - as quick as 8 seconds.
-Automatic shut off - helps preserve battery life.
-Beep signals when reading is complete.
-Temp alert - beeps when reading is above 37.5 degrees C (99.5 F).
-Automatic memory - displays last recorded temperature.
-Replaceable long life battery.
-Mesh dishwasher bag - protects components during cleaning.
-Sturdy storage case - keeps components together and protected.
-Easy read LCD digital display
-On/off button.
-Interchangeable tips are colour coded for use with different family members.
-Flexible probe tip for comfort.
-Tips are dishwasher safe (top rack), for thorough cleaning.
-Dishwasher caps included for protection while cleaning.
-Designed for underarm or oral use.

*Please Note: Product is reduced in price due to likelihood the supplied batteries will need replacing.

Available while stocks last.