Mom Invented Tinkle Targets (15pk) |
Mom Invented Tinkle Targets (15pk) | Mom Invented Tinkle Targets (15pk) |

Tinkle Targets (15pk) - Transportation Theme

Who knew potty training could be so much fun?

These Tinkle Targets (Transportation Theme) are an excellent potty training aid for boys.

These flushable floating targets not only encourage little boys to stand and go in the toilet, but also help them develop their aim!

Each pack includes 15 targets (24cm diameter) with three different fun transportation graphics - spaceship, motorbike & racing car, everything a little boy loves!

Tinkle Targets are easy to use and fun for boys.

1. Simply unfold a target & place on water in the toilet using tabs.
2. Encourage boys to aim at the target while standing at the toilet.
3. No cleanup! When finished, just flush the tinkle target.

- Encourages boys to stand at the potty / toilet.
- Teaches aiming.
- Fun, easy and flushable.

Available while stocks last.