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Whamo Waves Rider Slip 'N Slide

Children will enjoy hours of fun with the Wave Rider Slip 'N Slide by Wham-O.

It features 4.8m of special sliding surface with Hydro-glide technology that creates beads of water to allow faster sliding action.

The inflatable boogie board included will ensure smooth sliding and a more comfortable ride, whilst the splash pool and self-filling water bumper at the end helps create a safer landing.

Easily connects to your garden hose.

So make sure your kids have fun and stay active on the warm days ahead!

Water Slide (16 foot / 4.8m)
Slide Boogie
2 x Anchors
2 x Repair Patches

Ages 5-12yrs
Some hoses may require an additional attachment (easily & cheaply purchased from a hardware stores).

Available while stocks last.